Finishing. Everything. Up. I've got a mad 3 day dash to get everything done before i head up to Philly for halloween. I'll be going to work in the Khal Drogo Costume as well, so thursday night is the absolute deadline. I expect to have to stay up very late in the coming days.

The biggest thing that's been keeping me busy is the hide sash, which I realized was there while scrutinizing screenshots of drogo in order to figure out the ceremonial loincloth. Past that, I've also been working on the ceremonial loincloth. Tonight I sewed on the feathers to the sides, and dyed it to match the pants/girdle. Tomorrow night I weave together a bunch of jute bundles with beads and attach it to the front of the ceremonial loincloth, as well as figuring out a good way to attach it to myself securely. I'll also need to fix up / add to the hide sash, and do the finishing touches on the knives before i paint them on Wednesday.

That's another problem. In sunlight or Incandescent light, all of the leather looks very very red It turned that way after drying - when I initially applied it it seemed perfect. Sooo I went to tandy's to pick up some light blue or green leather dye. My hope is that the additional color will muddy up the red, and at the very least cause it to be far darker than the successive layers of the Mahogany Brown dye i've tried accomplished. I figure it'd be better to be very dark than very red, ultimately. A bit of a lesson though: when you do tests of leather dye, do it on very large pieces of leather instead of thumb-sized pieces, so you can see how it turns out on a wide scale.

That said, it'll look fine at night. I'll just need to fix it somehow before I go to a con.The photos are less than what would be desired. I need a new camera. Hopefully I'll be able to get some high quality photos from my coworkers on friday of the completed deal. For now though, these will have to do:

Good lord I'm pasty white. I forgot to experiment with tanning solutions sooo for now I'll be 'white walker drogo' maybe? hahaha.

Left to do is ... get the hair extensions in, figure out how to attach to my hair. Figure out a beard extension, buy and figure out how to apply mascara/eye shadow, shave my eyebrow a bit, temporarily dye my hair and beard dark black, finish the knives, try to finish the arakh (probably won't) get my boots from zappos (tomorrow!) Another big thing is to shave off sections of hide on the sash and dye from the back so that its not so white and clean, giving it the effect of longtime use, cut it up a bit more so its less like an amalgamation of hide scraps. Then I need to finish the back of the girdle so that the buckles arent out in the open and there's not a space in my lower back. Figure out the blue paint, put it in a bottle that I can carry and easily apply. Finish antiquing medallion beads (there are a few lacking) Get some gauze, dye it offwhite for the hands ... work out ... and go yell some dothraki at my friends


Randy Falk said...

awesome work man! truly inspiring!!




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