Enough Lethargy

So its about time I get up off my ass and kick myself into full gear. I've been on vacation ever since I graduated, except for once during the Anagama class (which I plan on doing again in 2012) and since I cannot show anything from my job for a good while to come its about time that I get cooking.

Since the world'll end in 2012 (lol) I've decided to be more prolific in art.  That means fixing some of the areas where I currently suck. Primarily, Women.  I've never been comfortable or confident drawing or rendering women unless they were right in front of me, and even then I can never seem to capture a face well.  I've had enough of that, and part of my daily sketching and the like I've decided to devote to women. I hope to sculpt some more women in my next body of ceramic work, should it be relevant.

Furthermore, the Firaxis is doing a monthly model session, with an excellent model by the name of Tara, who is gorgeous and I'm pretty excited to draw again in the future. I'll have some of the work from the last session up later.

So look forward to more posts.

For now though, here's a brief foray into a new style of work, in the pinup realm. Bleh:


Isaac Orloff Illustration said...

mr popular

AngryPolygon said...

i dig this direction compadre, keep it up!

AngryPolygon said...

also, if you're getting into pinup, check out www.kindgirls.com it is just a huge collection of free and attractive naked womens.

Bryce said...

dude awesome!! Thanks!!




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