Drogo once again


I've been busy in life, but also busy on the side.  Now that its October though, I've got a month to complete the costume for halloween.

During Hurricane Irene my power went out, and I had nothing at all to do but sew together the leather pants by candle light. The following day when the lights came on, I threw everything on and this is what it looks like:

The zipper in the front is taken from the pants I cut up to make the pattern, and will be hidden entirely, otherwise I'd have to make a leather zipper or cover somehow.

I really, really need a new camera.  You can also see that the Arakh is basically shaped out. All that is left to do with that is add the hilt detail, and then polish the blade smooth, and paint the whole thing.

Speaking of blades, I've been beating my head against the wall that is casting the knife. I started by splitting the knife in half using some spare chavant and cardboard. I wish I had some styrofoam at the time but alas none was in sight.

I used Smooth-on's Rebound 35 for the silicone mold, several layers, followed up by a layer of plasti-paste. And then I slushed around some resin in the mold. Once that hardened, I put the mold together, and then poured in more to fill in the gap. First pull:

Not bad, but there are a few gaps and bubbles, and the blade doesn't feel heavy enough. I'm  currently re-casting, only this time I've added some metal wire to the blade part, which should add some weight.

Finally I've casted the medallions. Actually this was done a while ago:

and spraypainted:

and after a bit of crashing and burning with the antiquing, here's what we're left with

I've also been making a good deal of beads out of Apoxie Sculpt, for the ceremonial belt. I've also realized, thanks to some scrutiny on my part, that beneath the girdle, and the ceremonial belt, is a hide sash with hair still on it. Given that its gotten pretty chilly as of late, I can't say I'd complain about an extra layer. Still need to buy more fur-on hide, though.

There's a lot the left to be done.

Main Girdle: 100%

Bracers: 100%

Pants: 85%
- Purchase Dye
- Purchase Satin Finish
- Dye
- Add finish

Hide Sash / Loincloth: 30%
Materials 70% collected.
Creation at 0%
- Cut hide to shape
- Sew together
- Further augment, fit to self

Ceremonial Belt 60%
- 'Antique' the now silver-painted medallions
- Make 30 more intermediary beads from Apoxie Sculpt
- Make 30-40 large beads for ceremonial loincloth
- Paint/Antique the beads
- Tear more strands for ceremonial loincloth
- Weave loincloth together, add strands of beads and the like
- Sew feathers onto ceremonial loincloth
- Put together

Knives: 60%
- Cast two more with epoxy resin
- Clean up casts
- Make model adjustments
- Buy brass, ebony spraypaint
- Paint

Arakh: 65%
- Add hilt details with Apoxie Sculpt
- Sand everything smooth
- Paint
- Antique

Hair/Face: 0%
- Buy horsehair, figure out how to attach into hair
- Buy Gold hairbands, or some better looking alternative
- Figure out a good temporary hair dye for hair and beard
- Figure out makeup


Isaac Orloff Illustration said...

bryce you are a monster.


thefoolish said...


You wouldn't happen to sell those medallions, would you? I would be very interested.

Please feel free to contact me at logicistruth@gmail.com


Unknown said...

Seriously you should sell those. Please contact me if your willing to. I'm doing droog and can't find them anywhere (authentic ones anyway). Crutchfield702@gmail.com

Erin Salazar said...

Amazing work. I am making a khaleesi and khal drogo for my husband and myself for Halloween this year and have a good feel for everything except the medallion belt!! It's driving me crazy. Do you sell your medallions ? How did you make the mold?

Erin Salazar said...

AMAZING work. So impressive. Do you sell the medallions? How did you make the mold? I have a good feel for the rest of the costume, but cannot figure out the medallion belt! It's driving me crazy. Oran suggestions are welcome! Thanks!

Hols M said...

literally amazing! you have a great talent. keep it up

Francisco Lopez said...

If you would like to sell the medallions, please contact me flop81@gmail.com Thanks!




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