I hiked up the side of a random mountain in Vermont to a friend's cabin for New Year's ... and alas, there were plenty of chores to do! From chopping wood, to ... chopping wood. But seriously, its crazy how important daylight becomes when you don't have any form of electricity. 

In any case, this was the view off of the front porch of the Cabin. I am TOTALLY out of practice with oils. Though i didn't have much time to do more than a few bits, I'm planning on doing some more paintings based off of photos I took over the course of the week I lived off the grid on the side of the mountain. Alas, I would like to work into this more, but I left it at my parent's house in CT. Probably a good thing, I consider it a 'Work in Progress'

Additionally, the image comes from a photo so the color and brightness is a bit off.


jessum b said...


Piero said...

I like the color palette, even if some of the colors are extra vibrant (especially those cool greens in the trees). What does it is the haze on top of the forest, I think.




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