More Drogo Work!

Anha vaddrivak mahrazhis fini ondee khogar shiqethi ma vohharak okrenegwin mori!!
The Khal Drogo costume is really starting to come together.

I figured out the belt endings - I ended up going with 1" bridle buckles, which I'll be hiding partially with a corset-style lace up piece of leather.  I'll probably also be painting the buckles so the silver doesn't show up too brightly.

Finally got everything laid out like I wanted it, so I went ahead and dyed the girdle. I'm pretty happy to see that the belts  match the patches of leather pretty well, as leather differs in color and absorption of dye.  After attempting to lace up the central star shapes, I found that the holes were too small to accomodate the thickness of the lace.

So I went to home depot to pick up a grommit punch that was 1/2" thickness. It seemed too small, so I also picked up a 10' pole of 1/2" conduit pipe.  I was right that it was too small, so I took the pipe, cut off about 4 inches, and used a bastard file to sharpen one end. Worked Perfectly!

I also took the time to re-lace everything together (with the exceptions of the star centers, as I need to re-punch a few holes, and dye some more lace before I can actually thread them.

Here's where its at now:

What you don't see here is the version that's been laced up entirely, nor the re-dyed (darker) x-laces. Tonight I apply a finish to it all, and then treat the entire thing with some neatsfoot oil to soften it up.

Unfortunately I don't think I'll be able to have this done for Otakon :(

I did get all the stuff I'm going to need for resin casting in the mail today!! Silicone, Resin, Release agent ... I'm stoked! Before I can use it though I'm going to need to finish either the Arakh, the Knives, or the Wedding Medallion ... all of which are no more than 50% complete.  Hopefully tonight will be rife with thunderstorms I can listen to/watch while I work.


Ian Riley said...

Wow, pretty amazing work. I didn't know you were into cosplay or leatherworking. Very neat stuff and I can't wait to see the finished product.

Randy Falk said...

are you still working on your costume? i have not seen any updates in a long time and was really enjoying the progress

Bryce Homick said...

Randy -

I've been super busy at work and life in general has been a bit crazy, so I've not had a chance to update -- until now. Given that I've got a lot to do in a short period of time, the updates will probably be faster :)

Glad to know you're following though :)

Randy Falk said...

loving the costume and following as i try to do my own, your hard work has been an inspiration

Randy Falk said...

also where is your contact email? i have some ?s I'd love to ask you

Bryce Homick said...

Randy - zombat a t gmail dot com




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