The Baron, Vladimir Harkonnen

So, after so many weeks of much learning and struggling I finally have finished my bust of the Baron Harkonnen, from the Dune series. As you may know, our company had a project-wide competition for making either a Benevolent Leader or an Evil Dictator in game-resolution. Final model coming in at 3,884 polygons, with three 2048x2048 textures (diff, spec, norm) I'm pretty happy with the results!

I kind of wish I had spent more time early on/knew what i wanted to do early on/put more time overall in the period given, but whatever, I still finished! I'm pretty unhappy with the hair - next time I'll be using a subtool for the hair instead of having it straight on the model, and next time I'll actually spend some time figuring out how to sculpt short curly hair.

Additionally, next time I'll put more time into the small details. Right now he's a bit stylized but I wanted him to be a little bit more gritty and bumpy. I'm still learning the whole zbrush thing and though I've definitely learned much there is still a long long long way to go.

Here's what he looked like in zbrush:

As you can see, he's somewhat more gritty and pocked. In the future I'm probably going to try and make another bust of perhaps another character from my beloved dune series - I'm thinking a Tleilaxu or something. Who knows. NExt time around i'll be sure to go aysymmetrical earlier, and next time I'll use a tool when I'm retopo-ing instead of pushing points individually (bleh!)

Fingers crossed, I've got a 50% chance to win in my category!


Adam Hulk said...

Baron Von Awesome

IRAMightyPirate said...

Nice job Bryce, maybe you company will create a Dune game now..




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