Colonel Miles Quaritch

Wanted to be more productive in the evening with learning my media a little more, so I fell back to an old standby; portraits! And in keeping with my self imposed tradition of doing Movie Antagonists, I figure I'd stay somewhat relevant to day's entertainment industry I decided to draw Quaritch, from Cameron's Avatar, a movie I quite enjoyed.

Stephen Lang has got a pretty interesting face, and while his character in the film was perhaps a little bit archetypal, I enjoyed his performance. I also found this interview with him on his character particularly interesting.

It was a fun 3 hours, i gotta say, after the initial explosions of failure that tend to accompany making a portrait. In the future I'm planning on doing more portraits, as i'd like to get better at rendering likenesses, the face, and painting digitally. Additionally, I don't feel as though I've really captured his character's likeness ... perhaps only his features. I may end up doing another portrait of this dude.

Anyway, 3 hrs, photoshop ... more soon hopefully


Tammy said...

im loving this portrait
you have some crazy mad painting skills
i really admire your work :)

did you watch stephen lang in 'men who stare at goats'?
that was pretty awesome too.




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