May Sketch a Day - Week 1 wrapup

Forgot to update the blog with my work, but I've been keeping busy with #maysketchaday2018 (though, weekends are hard to do as I'm pretty booked up this summer already)

Anyway,  onto the work!

Week 1 finished up with some more 'Virtual Plein Air' pieces where I added some interest in the drawing, using the colors and the general landscape as the baseline.

I also worked from a still from Westworld, with a few modifications because I loved some of the composition and color from that show. Beautiful. I enjoyed this and will likely at some point circle back around to working from Cinema stills.

Pressed for time, I also did a quick Value study based off of a photo I took in Bolivia of myself:

I've also begun to make a habit of doing some reading daily; on the suggestion of a friend i'm reading Carlson's Guide to Landscape Painting and its making me realize that you're never really too old or  too experienced to go back and re-learn some things.  I certainly didn't do as many traditional media classes in college as I probably should have, so I guess its time to play catch up.

The book is so far quite good, though it is specific to plein air painting, and much of the book so far is about mixing colors, canvas, and lighting considerations for physical media. Nonetheless important as I've started to paint in physical media again, but not perhaps as relevant as it could be for my quest to become a better concept artist.

Regardless, the chapters on lighting, mass weight and such have been illuminating, and I think it shows through in the work I've done in this first week of #sketchadaymay

I'll be interested to see what my work looks like by the end of the month comparatively.





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