Sabriel Thesis!

SO here is all the work I've done for thesis so far (all the finished work.) As you might have guessed if you've looked over this blog, my thesis was based around the book "Sabriel" by Garth Nix. The idea was to do concept art (landscape/character design) for a fictional video game based off of the book. So I did the whole fantasy artwork thing, and I'm happy with my work, and I'm DONE with the fantasy thing :)

Next semester I'm planning on doing something futuristic! more on that later. For now ...

Lets Check out some Characters!!


Border Guard



Scavenger Leader


Sabriel's Father (Terciel)


And now for some landscapes!!

Abhorsen's House!



The Aqueducts at Beliseare

Ceremonial Cave

w00t - word of the year


Ginger said...

hey dude that's no mordicant :O

Anonymous said...

Nice boom chain, though the cavern looks like what I imagined Sabriel and Touchstone to be in either Lirael or problem: Touchstone has brown hair. Sorry :)

Anonymous said...

Oh...and why is Terciel's surcoat grey?

Zombat said...

thanks for the comments :D

Touchstone's hair is brown, just not dark brown - if you notice, strong light makes brown hair a golden color, though perhaps its a little bit too light.

Terciel's Surcoat is a desaturated, steely blue ... it would be more apparent if the background werent the same color.

MommaBelle said...

Your work is fabulous! I just finished "Sabriel". One of my 7th grade Lit students has read all three books. We both think they are divine! Touchstone is gorgeous, and I would frame the pictures of both him and Sabriel. It was very exciting finding your images because the book is now a favorite. I love your idea of making a game out of it and think you shouldn't drop it.

abaeran said...

Incredible! You have my undying respect :D The landscapes in the trilogy are quite vivid in my mind - and its amazing to see your take on them.(Is there any more to come? :P)

Amanda said...

HELL YEAH! These look great, I love how you interpreted the characters and scenes.

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH!! These are amazing! I love fantasy landscapes like this. I like how Terciel is so (for lack of a better word) crisp.

Striker121 said...

Amazing work! I've loved the books for awhile now and actually just picked them up again for a quick reread :D Wish some more people who make similar art D:

Yasmin said...

I love the books and your artwork. Your Mordicant came out just as I pictured... You are an amazing artist.

Yasmin said...

I just couldn't believe when I first saw your artwork. So many details it's like you've been there skeching for days before you started painting.
Love your Mordicant, somehow it came out just as I pictured...

Lys said...

Amazing...I can't form a sentence to praise you highly enough!




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