Post work work

So I got the Mass Effect art book and I'm floored and inspired by the work within. I'm disappointed to see a lack of artistic credit (I know, i know, the work is owned by the company but still) but the work within is still extremely inspiring.

Coupled with a shoulder injury that's put me out of workout commission for a while, I'm planning on flipping through the book after work, and drawing. So this is the start of that.  Egged on by my friend Chris Sulzbach, I've decided to get back on the horse with drawing some ladies.

there are some glaring anatomical issues of course, but thats what learning is all about :)

Hopefully in the next month too company life drawing will return, so I'll be able to continue my digital drawings from life. I've got some other projects that are starting to coalesce and I'll be updating that as well.

For now, here's a shot of myself at katsucon

'this guy'


AngryPolygon said...

keep going with those figures!!!




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