Hour 16,17 - More Spaceships!

I'll admit, I got through today thinking about the previous night's work.

I've been wanting to re-design some of the ships from a great game I used to play on my Mac way back in the day, called Ares, by Nathan Lamont.  Simple they were, but the shapes I always found different and cool. I  figured it may be fun to experiment with the Homeworld 2 style of design that I worked on last night on ships from a race from the game called the Cantharans.

Carrier, Heavy Cruiser

My thoughts are to come up with a few of these silhouettes, then when I have found a few that I truly like, I'll do a simple model of them in Max, then work up a full concept in 3/4 view. The Cantharan ship designs were interesting in that they looked somewhat like sailboats in space.  Vertically oriented, narrow. Fast moving, and agile.  There was a language in how the forms went together. I'd like to re-translate that language.

These next 4 were done, 15 minutes a piece.



I'm excited to continue this. More silhouettes to come.

Nathan, if you happen across this, LOVED YOUR GAME. Hope you like how I re-imagine things.





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