Hour 15 - Spaaaaaaaaaaace!


Its past 1 AM. Suh weet now I'm gonna have a screwy sleep cycle.  I got into a frenzy after going back to my roots, inspiration wise by having another look at Homeworld concept art. Rob Cunningham and J, Aaron Kambeitz's work for Homeworld 2 in particular I absolutely loved when I was younger, the style was just so unique to me, it seemed. The bold, complementary colors and the boxy shapes that lent themselves to the limitations of the game engine was a brilliant decision that made Homeworld 1 and 2 so visually striking.

So tonight after being somewhat disgusted with the previous excursion into ship design I decided to channel the two of them and come up with some ships.

And I did!! Oh, it was glorious. SO glorious in fact that CS2 couldn't handle it and crashed after my first hour's worth of work.

I saved one of the ship drawings thanks to the handy 'print screen' tool but the first ship I drew that initially got me inspired and excited was lost.  Despite the bummer that is losing work to crashes, I was jazzed. Still am, in fact; my leg is continuing to jiggle uncontrollably. In any case I decided to re-do the hour.  And for the sake of productivity, I shall still only consider the two quickies below a single hour's worth of work, though it was closer to 2 and a half.

In a week I'm gonna look at this and roll my eyes, I'm sure, but for now, I'm very happy :)

Can you tell which one came before the other?

I'm gonna do a bunch more! Then choose a favorite and render it out all pretty-like.  I am excited.





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