Hour 24 - Cantharan Carrier

Well, technically this took me a bit over an hour, due to the initial sketch being done during a lunch break while watching a few of Scott Robertson's vids.

But we'll say its only one hour, again for the sake of productivity!!

I've been practicing drawing lines. Connecting two points, or three, with the idea of being able to draw a straight line with ease and without a ruler. Or drawing a curved line that runs into three, or four points, while cleanly stopping at the two outer points.  Its weirdly difficult, actually, but I think that I'm already seeing the benefit of such practice.

While obvious in the above drawing that many of the longer straight lines are shift-clicked, I'm trying to veer away from using it all the time in favor of the more organic, more stylish hand-drawn lines.

Anyway, I think I'm going to save finishing this guy for sometime in the future ... I've got a bunch of smaller sketches that I want to work up to this point as well and really practice the heck out of draftsmanship and three point perspective.

... and its basically pure fun up to this point!





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