Hour 0 - Busride Doodles

I happened to flip through a sketchbook today and discovered a small cache of ship doodles that I had drawn when I was on a busride back from Connecticut to Maryland.  Hence, hour 0 as these were not done as part of my quest.

These little guys were a lot of fun to do, and the process itself was pretty cool too. Basically I'd just drop a bunch of dots randomly on the paper and then connect them until I found something pleasing. Clearly some where more interesting than others, some more cohesive, but the process is cool in that the conception of the vehicle happens halfway between the start and the finish. Interestingly, I've tried this with other pens but I'm only happy with the results when I use a Uniball Vision.  I'm going to be experimenting with this more in the future, I think, perhaps on a larger scale.

More updates to come!





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