#MaySketchADay Week 3 - Color

Hard to keep up as the days tumble through! Its hard to do a sketch a day it would seem, especially on weekends. Difficult to keep up the inspiration, but I'm enjoying this for certain. 

Goal this week was to improve my architectural rendering, I figured I'd work from photo:

Then work from a Master (In this case, Sargent's watercolors) ... started to realize that it may be difficult to replicate watercolor in Digital without a lot of unnecessary work.

Then decided to paint a portrait for a Freind's Birthday ... its been a while since I've done portraits!

Back to buildings; referencing a concept artist I look up to, Erik Ehoff in this one trying to learn some of the things by sort of coming up with a variant of his painting.

Back to a photo to try and mix it up from castles

Another city study, this time not trying to replicate the picture, but instead use it as reference for something a bit contrived.

And finally, 100% contrived - happy accidents in value! 

Last week in May! Hard to believe we're almost done, but I'm also sort of thinking of just doing 365 sketches. Sketch a day age 32? Interesting thought ... 





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