#MaySketchaDay week 4


Albeit, about a week late, I finished my final sketch for #sketchadaymay2018!

I'm blaming it on the fact that I spent much of the final week learning a new application and hardware with my ipad + procreate. All in all I've got to say that I really like the program and ipad as a sketching device, but I'm pretty sure photoshop will remain my go-to for finishing work. That said I think that in time I'll be able to work ... pretty much anywhere ... which is exciting and means I can be even more flexible.  Also, this last week was a lot 'longer' than the first one due to the month starting halfway through the week. Next time I'm probably going to just arrange my work in groups of 7.

Anyway, onto the work!

First real sketch in procreate. Was looking to experiment with doing multiple houses. BORING

Second attempt using a different method and while its better than the previous one, it still feels so weak compared to the work in photoshop

Third attempt using the previous method, and I'm getting a lot more comfortable with the program here.  The perspective assist that Procreate offers is NUTS!! 

First time mixing procreate + photoshop and I'm super happy with the result.  I'm more than likely going to take this one up to completion

I used to really enjoy doing Plein Air with my laptop, but the battery would die in about an hour, so I was eager to experiment with the Ipad. Touched it up in photoshop but I'm really not too happy with the outcome; I think I tried to do too much in one sitting. 

Procreate + Photoshop is niiice. Starting to get faster. 

Another doodle but minimal touchup in photoshop ... not too happy with the composition but I wasn't so much focused on that.

Plein air study solely in Procreate experimenting with colorizing a value study. Happy with it but I need to tighten up a lot. 

Another Plein Air study of the last graduation the school in town will have, as its closing down. Seemed like a good opportunity to deal with drawing multiple bodies, which I'm in sore need of practice with. 

A final Plein Air finishes the week! Minimal touchups in photoshop and while there are some glaring problems I'm extremely pleased with the rate that I'm getting comfortable with procreate. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole sketch a day thing and I'm thinking of trying to keep it up to some degree, though 7 in a week is a bit difficult; I'd like to do 3-4 value studies that I later take up to completion. All this sketching has been great but nothing portfolio-worthy has come out of the program, so I'd like to take the knowledge that I've gained over the last month or two and apply it to something longer. 

Here's a bonus Plein Air I did before going home!





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