More Zbrush Fun: Fatties!

SO zbrush is great. I've been ridiculously busy between work, working out, and resting from those two things :P

Still, i've been trying to get some work in, attempting to comprehend this wonderful new tool called Zbrush. I'd like to do at least one head a week (even though they only take about an hour or two to do) and hopefully more. I'm waiting for my full version code, then I can start experimenting with zsketching and such

2 Hrs.

1 hr

With the second one, I only worked on it up to 3 divisions, then photographed it at 4, as opposed to continuing working on it when it was at 4, like the first one is. I might come back to it, but I'm also thinking that I might just keep on working on other, different types of faces.

I just quick opened up zbrush and saw the 3 division version, and it looks SO much better. Figured I'd edit it into this post:

So much better! I *might* end up working him up a little bit more now. we'll see.

I've nixed my previous idea for the office contest and I've decided to go with making Baron Vladimir Harkonnen, hence the fat men of this post (expect more)





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