A Love Letter to Brian Sum (hours 5-6)

Ever since I saw Brian Sum's work in the art of Mass Effect book I've been meaning to give his style/technique a spin. Oh man is it a blast, and I'm kicking myself for not doing it sooner.

Ever sit down to read a book in bed before hitting the sack and find yourself unable to put it down? Cursing as the clock rolls past 2:00 am and going after 'just one more page?.'  This lil' thing felt like that, only with art.  I meant only to spend an hour on it, but I got carried away. Every time I'd go to save out the image to post here I'd be like "oh but I just gotta fix this one ... last ... hmm, no this needs to change... ah, gimme a minute"

And then suddenly it was 2 hours in. It still kind of kills me to post what I consider incomplete but I need to stop somewhere n get some sleep tonight.

So there it is, my little love letter to Brian Sum and Mass Effect. Certainly not my last. I'm looking forward to drawing some more, and eventually I think I should also draw these in 3D as well.

Lessons Learned:
- Drawing guns is as fun as it was in 5th grade
- I should focus on line quality early
- I should segregate sections early as well
- I should define large details early as well, and stick with them.

Things to add in the future:
- Grit! Some more character perhaps!
- Tightness! Its a bit sloppy currently. I think the key is once I'm past sketch stage, I gotta focus on tightness from the start
- More Materials! In addition to metal, rubber, enamel, poly, etc.
- Constraints! Maybe a bit of backstory to stick to, or limits on details, or size.





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